Adulticiding Program

Adulticiding is not as ecologically safe as larviciding, there for it is used as a "last resort" approach. It is currently the only treatment for control of adult mosquitoes. Our primary goal at CCMCD is to control the population of mosquitoes even before they become flying, biting, disease spreading adults. Although the mosquito industry's tactics, products, and technologies do get better every year, it's nearly impossible to larvicide all wetlands of Citrus County, capable of breeding mosquitoes, with our current resources and state land restrictions. With warm wet weather conditions, some mosquito species can grow through the stages from egg to adult in as little as 3-4 days. This makes the adulticiding program necessary for us to control the adult mosquitoes around populated areas of the county.


Methods of Adult Mosquito Control

ULV Spraying - ULV or Cold Ultra Low Volume Spraying is a widely used form of a mosquito fog. It uses a type of mist sprayer or air pump to disperse the product in the air as a fog. The machines are calibrated and the products are measured in micrometer sized droplets.

ULV spraying is superior over the older thermal fogging. Thermal fogging was phased out in almost all mosquito control programs in Florida near the late 70's. Thermal fogging used diesel fuel to carry the product through the air in a smoke cloud. The heat from the thermal fogging process would destroy some of the active ingredients effecting the efficacy of the product. There for, more product was used in thermal fogging to achieve the same kill rate and coverage as with ULV spraying. This allowed the trucks to carry a larger payload and use less product with little pollution. Some ULV machines are powered by electric fans and electric mist sprayers making them very quite and economical to use during late hours of the night.

At CCMCD, ULV spraying is carried out using our ULV trucks, ULV equipment on ATV's, and occasionally with URL atomizers on our helicopter.


Equipment and Specifications
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Inspection Truck
Inspection Truck
ULV Handheld Fogger


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