Aviation Program

Helicopter CCMCD's Aviation department plays a key role in mosquito control. Used for inspecting wet and dry lands for the surveillance department, treating mosquito larvae in hard to reach areas for the larviciders, or spraying in areas that are impossible for the spray trucks to treat, turns this ordinary Bell 206 helicopter into a swiss army knife of helicopters and makes it one valuable tool for CCMCD.


Aerial Surveillance
Aerial surveillance allows us to spot standing water quickly from above and direct ground larviciders to the location or even inspect and treat the mosquito breeding sites with the helicopter itself.


Aerial Larviciding

Dry Broadcasters The helicopter is equipped with an "IsolAir 4500 Dry Broadcaster System" which can hold up to 400 pounds of granular larvicide that targets mosquito larvae before they become biting adults.This gives us the ability to larvicide large mosquito breeding sites quickly. We can set up a landing zone close to the target area so that a ground team can reload the hoppers and refuel the helicopter as needed.


Aerial Adulticiding

Aerial adult mosquito control is done by equipping the helicopter with an "IsolAir 3900 Wet Broadcaster System." Aerial ULV spraying creates a blanket of fog, that controls mosquitoes on contact as the it descends to the ground. The helicopter can cover more acres per hour than our 8 trucks cover per hour. The ability for the helicopter to fly above the trees and put the product where needed versus the spray trucks limitations of prevailing winds and being bound to streets, really sets the bar for aerial adult mosquito control. We can also setup a landing zone close to the target area to refuel the helicopter and refill the 110 gal spray tank as needed.
ULV Fogging


Equipment and Specifications
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Dry Broadcasters
Deuly Truck


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