Spray Missions

Ground ULV Spraying:

Please Note:

  • The scheduled spray missions (purple areas) may not be updated until 5:30 PM the night of spraying.
  • The scheduled spray missions (purple areas) shown are generalized and may or may not be treated.
  • Ground ULV spraying is restricted to treating of right of ways only.
  • The recorded spray track (green lines) are usually updated each morning. On occassion and usually due to hardware/software issues, it can take 3 business days or more for recorded spray missions to be updated in partial or in whole.
  • Due to errors in the GPS, the recorded spray track (green lines) may appear to be off the road or may show erroneous tracking.
  • Due to automatically applied speed restrictions while spraying, there may be breaks in the recorded spray track (green lines) where speeds are less than 5 mph or greater than 20 mph.

If you have a mosquito problem in your neighborhood, please submit a service request.

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